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Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast

Aug 7, 2018

It's part eight of the Iliad/Trojan War and things are really starting to heat up! Eris gets involved (LOVE Eris), and Achilles continues to be a jerk. Paris is a dink, and Hector and Odysseus are kick ass. Things are getting feisty over in Troy!

A general mythology warning: far too many Greek myths involve assaulting women. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. Given it's fiction, and typically involves gods and/or monsters, I'm not as deferential as I would be were I referencing the real thing.

Sources: The Iliad, translated by Stephen Mitchell.

Theme music taken from is "Xenobiological Forest" by Komiku from It's Time for Adventure and is licensed via Creative Commons and is Public Domain. Other music used are clips from by Lee Rosevere, "Not Alone", "How I Used to See the Stars", and "What's Behind the Door" from Music for Podcasts. All are copyright of the artist and licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 License:; music from the artist found here: